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Introducing our newest activities:

valentine cats The Self-Painting Picture Ecard

  • The magical picture that paints itself!
  • Upload your own picture
  • Watch it paint itself
  • Send it via email to friends and family
  • Or post a link to it on Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, etc.

animated math cupcake icon Animated Math

  • Learn about the commutative, associative, and distributive properties
  • See visual demonstrations of these concepts with animated pictures

math quiz icon Math Quizzes

Create Math Quiz

flash cards icon Flash Cards

  • Make a set of flash cards
  • View existing flash card sets from others
  • Print them out, and then cut and fold to make the cards.
  • Save your flash card sets so you can reuse them later

Create Flash Cards

quiz sheet icon Quiz Sheets

  • You can make a simple quiz, just a list of questions and blanks
  • View existing quiz sheets that others have created
  • Save your quizzes so you can reuse them later
  • Also includes answer key

Create Quiz Sheet

math game screenshot Math Game

  • Click on planets to answer math questions
  • Use the arithmetic clues to reach your destination
  • With PRO, use a wide range of numbers with any combination of +, -, X, ÷

online quiz screenshot The Online Quiz

  • Choose from existing word lists or enter your own
  • Learn and quiz at the same time
  • It's like an online version of flash cards

Welcome to Knowledge Mouse, a place for fun, educational activities. Our goal is to be an educational website that makes learning so easy, enjoyable, and painless that you end up learning without even trying!

Plus, there are no annoying ads here.

This site is for just about anyone: teachers, parents, students, or any person who enjoys entertaining ways to teach and learn.

Currently, we feature a variety of activities, from online quizzes and math education games to a free printable word search maker, math quiz generator, flash cards maker, and quiz sheet creator. We hope to add many more types of classroom activities and games here in the future. Please let us know what sorts of things you'd like to see by giving us your .

Why does a balloon filled with less-dense gas rise in the air? Check out our Gas Density Simulator Android App to find out!

There's also some information about making your own crossword puzzles here.

And please try out our brand-new, work-in-progress learn a new language online section - learn another language your way, not their way! See this Spanish dialog with simple vocabulary, for example.

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