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Miscellaneous holidays, in the US and around the world. Different cultures, different religions, old and new.

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[m] indicates a multiple-choice question.

    Scoring: 1= Need to know more ;2-3= Okay,but a little more ; 4-5= You are a Harry Potter geek. By Mia Stevenson
    Example: Who is the godfather of Harry Potter?: [m] Sirius Black, What is Hermione's middle name: [m] Jean, Which house's symbol is a badger?: [m] Hufflepuff, Which person was Ron's rat in Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban?: [m] Peter Pettigrew
  • U.S. Holidays Quiz (10 words)
    Example: Which holiday celebrates workers?: Labor Day, This month has no major U.S. holidays: August, Federal holiday in January marking the birth of a well-known civil rights leader: Martin Luther King, Jr. Day, This holiday is associated with fireworks, parades, and orchestras playing the 1812 Overture: Independence Day
  • The Adventures of Tom Sawyer + A Surprise! (7 words)
    7 questions about The Adventures of Tom Sawyer plus a fun bonus part at the end.
    Example: Why did Tom live with Aunt Polly?: Aunt Polly's sister, Tom's mom, passed away., What is the author's 2nd name?: Mark Twain, Who does Tom get engaged to after Amy?: Becky, What is Tom's first chore in the book?: Whitewash the fence
  • Medical Form (7 words)
    Example: Name:: , Gender:: , D.O.B:: , T.O.B::
    Created by jjrose
  • Baby Shower Scramble (7 words)
    Here's an idea for an entertaining activity at a baby shower:
    Example: Ibcr: Crib, Orlfuam: Formula, Besioto: Booties, Rhahhgcii: High Chair
  • Survey (7 words)
    Example: What is your favorite color?: , Which park do you want to go to on Saturday?: , Why?: , Which park do you want to go to on Sunday?:

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