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Instructions: Each row makes one card. Cut along the double lines and fold along the single lines. Then glue or tape the sides together.

motives include the desire to make money, to expand and control foreign trade, to create new markets for products, to acquire raw materials and cheap labor, to compete for investments, and resources, and to export industrial tech and transportation method
motives were based on a nation's desire to gain power, to compete with other countries, to expand territory, to exercise military force, and to gain prestige, national pride, and security.
motives include the desire to spread religion, to protect missionaries, in other lands, to spread values and moral beliefs, and to educate people of other cutlers.
motives were based on the desire to explore "unknown land'' or uncharted land territory, to conduct scientific research, to conduct medical searches for the causes and treatment of diseases, to go on adventure, and to investigate ''unknown'' lands and cul
motives were based on cultural values, such as the belifie that some races were superior to other cultures and that those other ''primitive,'' and that more powerful nations should ''civilize'' peoples in other parts other the world, great nations should

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