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Unit 2 Cyber Society

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Questions Answers
Data you intentionally submit online Active Digital Footprint
Online activity such as gaming, chatting, posting, searching, & messaging Digital World
An website or app that allows users to create and share content and socialize Social Media
Using technology in a safe, responsible and appropriate way Digital Citizenship
A person who uses information technology to be a part of society Digital Citizen
The trail or traces that a person leaves every time they are online. Digital Footprint
Data you unintentionally leave online Passive Digital Footprint
threatened, harassed, embarrassed, or otherwise targeted by others Cyberbullying
___% of employers use search engines to check employee backgrounds 48%
give the author credit for any work that you use. What rule is this? Rule 5
Filter what you see online, remember not everything is true. What rule is this? Rule 9

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