Ralph Fiennes Trivia

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  1. In the movie The ____ _____, Ralph Fiennes was considered for the lead role, but Colin Firth got the part Kings Speech (wrong answers: 1)
  2. Ralph Fiennes was the first to win a Tony Award for playing _____ on Broadway in 1995 Hamlet (wrong answers: 1)
  3. Ralph Fiennes's full name is Ralph Nathaniel _____-Wykeham-Fiennes Twisleton (wrong answers: 1)
  4. Ralph Fiennes is the 8th cousin of Prince _____ Charles (wrong answers: 1)
  5. In the movie "_____ ____", Ralph Fiennes says, "I'm the magic man ... Santa Claus of the subconscious." Strange Days (wrong answers: 1)
  6. In the movie "The English _____", Ralph Fiennes plays a count Patient (wrong answers: 1)
  7. Ralph Fiennes played this character in the 1992 Wuthering Heights Heathcliff (wrong answers: 1)
  8. Ralph Fiennes gained several pounds of muscle for his role in the 2002 movie ___ ______ Red Dragon (wrong answers: 1)
  9. Ralph Fiennes is banished from Rome in this 2011 movie Coriolanus (wrong answers: 1)
  10. In the 1997 movie The Saint, Ralph Fiennes was considered for the lead role which eventually went to this actor Val Kilmer (wrong answers: 1)

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