social studies midterm - French and Indian War, Ben Franklin, and Pontiac's Rebellion

Question or Hint Answer or Word
  1. john locke argued that people have the natural rights of ________ _________ and life liberty and property
  2. __________ invented the printing press, franklin stove and bifocal glasses ben franklin
  3. who fought in the french and indian war french , french colonists indians and spanish on one side and the british british colonists, indians on the other side
  4. where was the french and indian war north america near ohio river valley
  5. when was the french and indian war 1754- 1763
  6. why did the french and indian war take place to have control over fur trade and ohio river
  7. how did the British fight the war conventional tactics
  8. how did the indians fight in the war guerrilla
  9. _____ was when britian gained canada and all french land east of the Mississippi river. france was essentially removed from north america treaty of paris
  10. the control of fur trade went to the ______ english
  11. ___________ was the act of indian uprising in response to british encroachment on western lands pontiac's rebellion
  12. _______ was issued by the crown in response to pontiac's rebellion, it prevented colonists to settle west of the app. mountains proclamation of 1763
  13. ____________ were a council that raised armies and collected taxes Albany plan of union

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