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  1. General of the Continental Army Washington
  2. Patriot victory where Washington attacked the Hessian Trenton
  3. 1st Lieutenant who captured British warship Serapis John Paul Jones
  4. Battle where Patriots tricked British into running into their gunfire Cowpens
  5. Nations that work together to achieve a common goal Allies
  6. Where Washington's army survived the long winter ValleyForge
  7. When an army surrounds an enemy & attempts capture Siege
  8. Group who favored war against Britain Patriots
  9. Troops on horseback Cavalry
  10. Introduction to the Declaration of Independence Preamble
  11. 1st major battle of the Revolution Bunker Hill
  12. Battle where British surrendered & Patriots won Oct. 19, 1781 Yorktown
  13. Victory where Patriots surrounded British fort & they gave up almost immediately Vincennes
  14. American colonists who remained loyal to Britian Loyalists
  15. Patriot victory made French want to side with Patriots Saratoga
  16. Pamphlet that gave colonists reasons to become a Patriot; published by Thomas Paine Common Sense
  17. Hit and run tactics used by Francis Marion Guerrilla
  18. Rights that belong to all people from birth Natural Rights
  19. A person who betrays his or her country Traitor
  20. British recognized the US as an independent nation Treaty of Paris

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