The Jefferson Era (1800-1815)

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  1. Second president of the US. John Adams
  2. The Declarations's main author. Thomas Jefferson
  3. Us Secretary of state, he later became the Chief Justice of the US Supreme Court John Marshall
  4. An expidition led by Meriwether Lewis and Willian Clark the began in 1804 to explore the Louisiana Purchase. Lewis and Clark Expidition
  5. He led the Lewis and Clark Expidition. Meriwether Lewis
  6. She accompanied and aided Lewis and Clark on their expidition Sacagawea
  7. He was ordered to find the headwaters of Red River. He attempted to climb Pikes Peak in Colorado. Zebulon Pike
  8. A large warship USS Constitution
  9. A law that prohibited American merchants from trading with other countries. Embargo Act
  10. A meeting of Federalists at Hartford, Connnnneticut to protest the War of 1812 Hartford Convention
  11. A treaty signed by the United States and Britain ending the War of 1812. Treaty of Paris 1763
  12. Members of Congress who wanted to declare war against Britain after the Battle of Tippecanoe Missouri River
  13. The Supreme Court's power to declare acts of Congress unconstitutional. fifteen million
  14. US Supreme Court case that established the principle of judicial review. double
  15. The purchase of French land between the Mississippi River and the Rocky Mountains that doubled the size of the United States. Louisiana Purchase

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