Chapter 12 Section 2 Quiz

Question or Hint Answer or Word
  1. What is pump priming? Give people jobs by making public projects which stimulates the economy (wrong answers: Giving 5 billion for new jobs, Idea of the social security act, Giving farms electricity)
  2. What was the Social Security Act? Pension system for retirees and injured workers (wrong answers: A way to help banks be more secure, Federal act to make more security in daily life, Giving electricity to Farmers)
  3. How did the Wagner Act help employees? Gave them the ability for the unions to negotiate about hours,wages and other conditons (wrong answers: Helped by forcing wage increase, Made employers give less hours, Gave more politicians money)
  4. What did the Fair Labor Standards Act do? Banned child labor, made a minimum wage and made workweek 44 hours (wrong answers: Gave workers a place to complain to about standards, Made equal opportunity for hiring, Made it so women could work without discrimination)
  5. What did the National Youth Administration do to help? Trained and provided jobs and counseling for unemployed youth between ages 16 and 25 (wrong answers: Helped support child labor, Helped kids with sports, Outlawed unfair labor practices)
  6. In December 1936, members of the CIO's newly formed United Automobile Workers Union staged a ___________ Sit-down Strike

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