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Miscellaneous food-related catgeory, for diets, nutrition, snacks, restaurants, eating, and general yumminess!

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[m] indicates a multiple-choice question.

  • ServSafe Test (4 words)
    Example: Which of the following is not a high risk population?: [m] Teenagers, Why are certain people more vulnerable to food borne illnesses?: [m] Their weakened immune systems, What is the relationship between personal hygiene and food safety?: [m] Ensure that food is not contaminated by the personal hygiene/health of food handlers., What is not a common symptom of a foodborne illness?: [m] Rash
  • Foods (Column 2) (5 words)
    Example: My chores include _____________________.: Poner la mesa, We cook our food in this: ___________________.: olla, I use a _________________ to cut my fruits.: cuchillo, Food from the sea _______________________.: Mariscos
  • drees wish list (7 words)
    Example: beer, steak, dancing, country music
  • food (7 words)
    Example: steak, taters, beer, lobster
  • Snack Search (7 words)
    Example: avocado, walnut, gluten free, mango

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