Knowledge Mouse

Payments Information

Account Types

There are three types of accounts on Knowledge Mouse: a free-trial account, a Pro+ account, and a PRO account. The differeces are described below.

Free-Trial Account

With a free-trial account, you can create an online quiz and you can try it out yourself. You can also see the stats page for your quiz. You can create up to seven questions per quiz.

Pro+ Account

With a Pro+ account you can invite other users to take your quiz. The stats for these users will also be kept track of separately. You can create more than seven questions per quiz. You also have access to all the other features of PRO accounts.

PRO Account

This type of account is mainly useful for the other parts of Knowledge Mouse. With a PRO account you can create more than seven questions for a quiz. You also have access to other features such as backround images for word lists. More information here.

Before using a Pro+ account, you must accept the Terms of Service.

Cost of Pro+ Account

The cost for a Pro+ account is $19 per month.

Information on Payment Processing

We are currently using Stripe as our payment processor. To upgrade from a free-trial account to a Pro+ account, you provide your credit card information. This information is not stored on our servers, but is maintained by our payment processor. Each year your card will be charged the same amount as initially.


You can cancel your Pro+ status at any time. Simply let us know using the fields below. Be sure to enter your username and your email. There is a 30-day satisfaction guarantee - if you are not satisfied for any reason within 30 days of when you first sign up for a Pro+ account, you will be refunded the full cost of the initial charge.

Any Questions?

If you have any questions or comments, please by using the Quick Feedback fields below. If you'd like a reply, please be sure to leave an email address or other contact information.