Exodus: Ywh, Moses and the Pharaoh

Exodus part 1

Instructions: Each row makes one card. Cut along the double lines and fold along the single lines. Then glue or tape the sides together.

how long were the hebrews slaves in egypt
(A) 320y, (B) 666y(C),120y, (D) 400,
How did Moses Meet God for the first time
(A)through the water well,(B) he heard the holy spirit in his heart (C) The staff he had turned to snake and talked to him (D) The bushed was burning and God spoke to him there
Who did Moses Meet while coming back to egypt?
(A) Mary (B) God (C) His Wife (D) Aaron
What was the first sign moses showed pharoah?
(A) Moses staff got longer (B) Moses turn water to blood (C) Moses Heals the Pharoahs blindness ( D ) Staff turns to a snake
How many plagues were there in total in the book of Exodus?
(A) 11 (B) 7 (C) 10 (D) 13
Which of the following was NOT one of the Ten Plagues?
(A) Darkness (B) Animals Dying (C) Fire falling from the sky (D) People where Deaf for 3 Days
What was the Last plague going to do?
(A) Kill Babies (B) Kill Baby Boys (C) Kill the pharaoh (D) Kill the first born

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