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You are currently in free-trial mode, where the game will present addition questions using numbers from 0 through 4. Or you can click below to create a PRO account where you can specify a wide range of numbers as well as choose from multiplication, division, subtraction, addition, or any combination of those operations.

You are currently in free trial mode. You can create a PRO account to change these values.

The numbers generated for each question will be between Min and Max. For example:

For numbers between 1 and 12 Choose Min 1 and Max 12
For all 2-digit non-negative numbers Choose Min 10 and Max 99.
For all 1, 2, and 3-digit numbers with negative numbers Choose Min -999 and Max 999

You are currently in free-trial mode, but just click below to enable all the mathematical operations.

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Here's a brand new example of simple, fun online math games for kids or adults to help practice simple arithmetic. Simple math questions are given, and the player answers these questions to follow a trail from place to place in order to reach the destination in as few steps as they can. Great for practicing those multiplication tables before a math test. Quiz and practice your math skills online with this game. Free trial. Works with iPhone, iPad, Android, Windows, Mac, and more! Doesn't require Adobe Flash Player...

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