Exodus: Ywh, Moses and The 10 commandments

Exodus part 2

Instructions: Each row makes one card. Cut along the double lines and fold along the single lines. Then glue or tape the sides together.

What Did Moses Part?
(A) The Nile (B) The Jordan (C) Dead Sea (D) Red Sea
After leaving Egypt, where did Moses lead the Israelites?
(A) To Mount Sinai (B) To Galilee (C) To Bethlehem (D) To Jerusalem
What did Moses recieve From God in Mount Sinai?
(A) The Torah (B) Sukkot (C) The Ark Of the Covenant (D) The 10 Commandments
What Did the israelites do When Moses Seemed to never come down?
(A) They got saddned and prayed for him (B) They started worshiping God (C) They Made an Idol and made a Feast and worshiped it (D) They Didnt notice he was gone
What was the Idol that Aaron Made?
(A) A golden Ox (B) A golden Eagle (C) A golden Serpent (D) A Golden Calf
What did Moses do When He saw What The Israelites had Made an Idol?
(A) He cried and Forgave them (B) He Told God he was giving up on them (C) He became Furious and Demande to kill anyone against God (D) He Took his Staff raised it and so Fire Burned the Israelites
Why Did God No Talk to The Israelites in Person?
(A) Because they where Scared and didnt want to hear him (B) Bacause the holy spirit talked for them (C) Because They disobeyed God and Worshipped an idol (D) Because God Was Mad With Moses

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