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According to the CDC which infection control measure is considered the most critical for reducing the transmission of microbes in the health care setting?
Hand washing
In a dental setting the clinical supply refrigerator may be used for the preservation of
Bonding materials
A used dental anesthetic needle is an example of
Regulated waste
Employees must receive training regarding hazardous chemicals at which interval?
Upon hire and whenever a new hazard is introduced
The OSHA hazard communication standard is based on the premise that and employee has the right to know about
Chemicals in the office
Which set of precautions is intended to prevent exposure to all body fluids?
The majority of the spray produced by dental hand pieces consists of
Which of the following viral infections can be prevented through immunization?
Hepatitis B
According to the occupational safety and health administration (OSHAP), a bloodborne pathogens training program should include a general explanation of
The modes of disease transmission
Routine hand washing removes
Most of the transient microbes and some of the resident microbes
Which of the following greatly reduces or eliminates biofilm in the dental unit water system?
Properly using chemical treatments
Which of the following modes of disease transmission best describes a human bite?
The primary reason a surgical face mask must be used during a dental procedure is to
Protect the DHCP from exposure to spatter
Instrument cassettes should be wrapped
After cleaning and before sterilization
Used radiograph fixer solution is usually considered
Hazardous waste
Which party is responsible for ensuring a material safety data sheet is available in the work place for each hazardous material?
Which of the following statement most accurately defines engineering controls?
Materials and devices that prevent employees exposure to hazardous or infectious substances
When using the air water syringe during dental treatment which of the following personal protective equipment are recommended by the CDC?
Gloves, mask, gown, and eye protection
According to the center for disease control and prevention, patient-care items that penetrate soft tissue are categorized as
The purpose of the holding solution is to
Prevent hardening of debris and body fluids on instruments
Which barrier should be removed before temporarily leaving a patient to retrieve supplies?
The majority of organisms that make up dental unit waterlines biofilm consists of
Water bacteria
Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) are required by OSHA's
Hazardous Communication Standard
Besides alcohol, which of the antimicrobial agent found in hand hygiene products?
The accessibility of the exposure control plan for employees is the responsibility of the
High-level disinfectants should be used
According to manufacturer's directions
Exposure of dental healthcare personnel to nitrous oxide gases can be reduced by
Using a scavenger system on the nitrous oxide equipment
When putting on personal protective equipment, which barrier should be put on last, just before patient care begins?
To prepare for sterilization, the high-speed hand piece and reusable air-water syringe tip should be flushed with water
After each patient
Who is responsible for the evaluation of hazardous chemicals?
Chemicals manufacturers and importers
During normal use, which of the following is the most likely hazard for a dentist using a curing light?
Eye exposure to the light
An exposure plan must be updated
Annually and when new or modified tasks are introduced
Wearing a punctured gloves during patient care may result in which type of microbial contact?
Work practice controls include the used of a
one-handed recapping technique
Heat sterilization of extracted teeth may result in
The vaporization of mercury, presenting a health hazard
A Person with a latent tuberculosis infection will
Have a positive skin test and no symptoms of active tuberculosis
Which is the minimum temperature a steam sterilizer should reach to achieve sterilization?
121 degrees c
Which of the following is an example of clinical contract surfaace?
Which of the following is recommended to minimize the occupational exposure to atmospheric nitrous oxide?
Use a properly fitted nasal patient make
Who is responsible for appropriate regulated waste disposal?
The generation facility

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