Spanish - Lesson 4 - Dialog for Conjugation of the Verb Ser

Conjugation of the Verb ser - To Be

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The previous lesson showed the conjugation of the verb ser, meaning "to be". Our next dialog shows how to use this verb in sentences.

This is a conversation between a daughter and her parents.

¿Quiénes somos nosotros?

una madre a mom / mum, mother
quién (sing.) / quiénes (pl.) who
(nosotros) somos we are
MADRE: ¿Quiénes somos nosotros?MOM: Who are we?
(ustedes) son you (pl.) are
mi (sing.) / mis (pl.) my
un padre a father / parent
por supuesto of course
CLAUDIA: ¡Ustedes son mis padres, por supuesto!CLAUDIA: You are my parents, of course!
él es he is
Pointing at her dad...
MADRE: ¿Y quién es él?MOM: And who is he?
CLAUDIA: Él es mi padre.CLAUDIA: He is my father.
elle est she is
Pointing at the family cat sitting on the sofa...
MADRE: ¿Y quién es ella?MOM: And who is she?
CLAUDIA: Ella es mi gato.CLAUDIA: She is my cat.
(ellos) son they are
abuelo (m.) / abuela (f.) / abuelos (pl.) grandfather / grandmother / grandparents
Pointing at a picture on the shelf...
MADRE: ¿Y quiénes son ellos?MOM: And who are they?
CLAUDIA: Ellos son mis abuelos.CLAUDIA: They are my grandparents.
tú eres you (sing. familiar) are
(yo) soy I am
una princesa a princess
MADRE: ¿Y tú?MOM: And you?
CLAUDIA: ¡Yo soy una princesa!CLAUDIA: I am a princess!

Additional Notes

We saw before that "mi" has a plural form "mis", used before plural nouns. The same goes for "tu / tus" meaning "your (informal)" and "su / sus" meaning "his", "her", "their", "your (formal)". For "nuestro" meaning "our" there are four forms: "nuestro", "nuestra", "nuestros", "nuestras", with the masculine / feminine and singular / plural forms matching the noun being possessed, so "our classes" is always "nuestras clases" regardless of whether the speakers are male or female (unlike with English "his class" vs. "her class", where the form matches the speaker's gender).

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