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Instructions: Each row makes one card. Cut along the double lines and fold along the single lines. Then glue or tape the sides together.

Unable to connect to network, what will IT have you do first?
Restart my computer
True or False - Staff can share password logins.
I am able to open up all attachements I receive in email.
No, please contact the HELPDESK if you opened an attachement from an unfamiliar source.
It is safe for me to save Important documents on my desktop.
No, Always save to a specific drive to be backedup.
Is it ok to leave my computer unlocked while I go to lunch.
Never, Please log off or lock your computer
What is the phone number/ext to the Best IT Department in the world.
Can I stream and listen/watch videos/music on Youtube.
NO - This will slow your internet for your location down as well as against computer policies

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