Coping Skills

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Flash Cards

Instructions: Each row makes one card. Cut along the double lines and fold along the single lines. Then glue or tape the sides together.

Coping skill #1 Deal with your feelings.
1 Name them. 2 Accept them. 3 Express them. 4 Decide what you need to feel better.
Coping Skill #2 Adjust your attitude.
• There is a connection between your thoughts and your feelings. • Our feelings do not come from outside of us they come from inside of us. They are directly determined by what we think, that means that if we change the way we think our feelings will cha
Coping skill #3 Discover your choices.
1 Look carefully at your problem. 2 Discover the things can and cannot be changed. 3 Choose something you can change and work on making it better.
Coping skill #4 Accept imperfection.
1 Everyone makes mistakes. 2 No one and nothing is perfect. 3 Adjust your attitude. 4 Discover your choices to make things better. 5 Be flexible.
Coping skill #5 Give yourself a break.
• Physical energy. • Emotional and mental energy. • Take a break. • This is a way of taking care of ourselves on the inside.
Coping skill #6 Take one step at a time.
• This means we stop trying to do everything or think about everything at once. • We focus only on one activity or thought. This helps us to relax and concentrate to feel less jumbled and to focus on each thing clearly.
Coping skill #7 Be kind to yourself.
• Stop what you are doing and pay attention. • Use patience. • Use gentle words.
Coping skill #8 Plan ahead.
Planning ahead can assure that we will: • Have enough time. • Have enough energy. • Have the tools to accomplish our tasks.
Coping skill # 9 Ask for help.
• No matter how good we become at handling things by ourselves, there will always be times when we need to ask someone else to help us. • Even the strongest and the smartest people can't do everything by themselves . • We all need help from others at on

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