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Ecclesiastes 9:11 says, "the race does not belong to the swift...", this is an example of.... the randomness of life
In Ecclesiastes we hear from two voices. Who are they? The Teacher and The Narrator
In the book of Job, both the Narrator and God describe Job as what? Blameless and upright
In Job Chapter 28, we get a seemingly random poem. We get a visual of mankind being able to find treasures deep into the earth. We then learn that wisdom resides where? With God
In Job Chapter 28, we are told that God used what when creating the universe? (This idea is also expressed to us in Proverbs and Psalms) Wisdom
God give Job a tour of how the universe operates. We learn that God makes decisions using what? Wisdom
When reading Song of Songs we must remember that we are reading a poem; not narrative. Song of Songs dose not follow what? A strict linear narritve

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