Respiratory Sytem

Question or Hint Answer or Word
  1. What is another name for the 'Windpipe'? Trachea (wrong answers: Oesophagus, Mouth, Pharynx)
  2. What is the function of the larynx? Voicebox (Produce sound) (wrong answers: Stop food entering windpipe, Allow air in, Gas exchange)
  3. What are Alveoli? Air sacs for gas exchange (wrong answers: Leaves, Rings of cartilage, Broccoli)
  4. Name the liquid was used to test for the presence of carbon dioxide in inhaled and exhaled air? Limewater (wrong answers: Carbon water, Iodine, Benedict's solution)
  5. What are capillaries? Tiny blood vessels (wrong answers: Hairs in the nose, Mucus that lines the windpipe, Air sacs for gas exchange)
  6. How does oxygen pass from the lungs to blood vessels? Diffusion (wrong answers: In the blood, Through the diaphragm, Division)
  7. List the waste products of breathing? Carbon dioxide & Water vapour (wrong answers: Carbon dioxide & Hydrogen, Hydrogen & Water vapour, Carbon Dioxide & Nitrogen)

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