Unit Test: A New Century

Question or Hint Answer or Word
  1. What was the movement of thousands of African Americans who left the South in search of better opportunities in the North called? The Great Migration (wrong answers: Northern Immigration, Second Passage, Pan-Africanism)
  2. What were the two main of push factors that caused the Great Migration? racism and unemployment (wrong answers: isolationism and segregation, Black Nationalism and integration, equality and unemployment)
  3. What was the main pull factor that caused the Great Migration? employment and economic opportunities (wrong answers: segregation, Black Nationalism, Pan-Africanism)
  4. Which city in the North experienced tremendous growth between 1910-1920 due to the Great Migration? Detroit (wrong answers: Baltimore, New Orleans, New York)
  5. What is the form of music from the Mississippi Delta, specifically New Orleans, that conveyed deep emotions, especially of sadness or love? Blues (wrong answers: Jazz, Spirituals, Rockabilly)
  6. What was invented by Henry Ford that modernized factories and moved the product from worker to worker, each one performing one step of the manufacturing process? assembly line (wrong answers: cotton gin, water wheel, conveyor belt)
  7. What was the set of reforms President Roosevelt created to save the country from the ravages of the Great Depression? The New Deal (wrong answers: Selective Service Act, Social Security, Civil Rights Act)

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