Plants and Plant systems quiz

Question or Hint Answer or Word
  1. What part of the plant is responsible for photosynthesis? Leaf (wrong answers: Root, Stem, Pedal)
  2. What tissue transports waters and minerals in vascular plants? Xylem (wrong answers: Phloem , Vascular tissue, Meristem )
  3. What tissue that transports sugars in vascular plants? Phloem (wrong answers: Xylem, Fibrous Root , Vascular Tissue)
  4. What root system made up of many thread like members o more or less equal length? Fibrous root (wrong answers: Taproot, Stem , leaf)
  5. What is the movement or growth of a plant in response to an environment stimulus? Tropism (wrong answers: Stomata, Auxin, Stamen )
  6. A Plant hormone that stimulates the lengthening of cells in the growing Auxin
  7. The thin hairlike outgrowth of an epidermal cell of a plant root that absorbs water and minerals from the soil Root Hairs

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