Question or Hint Answer or Word
  1. Japanese term for contest or match Shobu
  2. What is Free Play or Free Practice Randori
  3. Japanese term for the person having the technique done to them Uke
  4. Japanese term for Sleeve Sode
  5. Etiquette in class To Bow Rei
  6. Generic term for all ground fighting techniques Newaza
  7. What is Itsutsu no Kata Forms of Five
  8. Term for Combination or connecting techniques Renraku Waza
  9. Japanese term for the mats Tatami
  10. Japanese term for Left Hidari
  11. Japanese term meaning Major O
  12. Japanese term for Inner Uchi
  13. What are Hip Techniques in throwing Koshi Waza
  14. Term for a Judoka to express they are Defeated Maitta
  15. Yoko Sutemi Waza Side Sacrifice throws
  16. What does the word Judo mean Yielding or gentle way
  17. What is an Ippon Full point or total victory
  18. What does Kodokan mean School to Learn the Way
  19. What is the term used to start the Match Hajime

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