Rehearsal quiz

Question or Hint Answer or Word
  1. Mime: To perform an action without using an actual prop (e.g. miming brushing one’s teeth without actually having a toothbrush on hand)
  2. Stage Direction Directions written in a script, usually italicised that indicate an action, not to be spoken.
  3. . Tableaux: A frozen picture on stage created with actor’s bodies
  4. Prompt: The first few lines of dialogue that an actor has forgotten when running lines, given by a helper who has the script with them
  5. Off-Book The point at which actors no longer need their scripts to perform the dialogue in a performance.
  6. Tech Any sound or lighting cues that are used for a performance, or the crew of people who are running the sounds and lights
  7. Blocking : Where an actor will move on stage during a scene

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