World Cup Quiz


Question or Hint Answer or Word
  1. What is the most common surname of World Cup Players? Gonzalez or Gonzales (wrong answers: 1)
  2. What is the most common score in a World Cup finals match? The most common score in a World Cup finals match is 1-0 (wrong answers: 1)
  3. What is the only country to have appeared in every World Cup final from 1930 – 2010? Brazil (wrong answers: 1)
  4. Which was the only host country to have ever been eliminated in the first round? South Africa in 2010 (wrong answers: 1)
  5. Who broke his neck in the 1956 Football Association Cup Final?  Bert Trautmann of Manchester City (wrong answers: 1)
  6. 1 1 (wrong answers: 1)
  7. 1 1 (wrong answers: 1)
  8. 1 1 (wrong answers: 1)
  9. 1 1 (wrong answers: 1)

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