Tyre & Alloy Wheel Insurance

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  1. Which Terms Are Available On Our Tyre & Alloy Policy 24 & 36 Months (wrong answers: 12 & 24 Months, 24, 36 & 48 Months, 12, 24 & 36 Months)
  2. Please List 3 Key Benefits Of Our Tyre & Alloy Policy Protects Against Unexpected Costs, Protects The Value Of Your Car, Repairs Carried Out By By An Established National Repair Network
  3. Please List 3 Exclusions Of Our Tyre & Alloy Policy Tyres Used At Incorrect Pressure, Tyres With Tread Below 1.6mm, Wear & Tear, Fire or Theft, Lack Of Maintenance.
  4. How Many Alloy Wheel Refurbishments Are Covered? 10 (wrong answers: 5, 15, 8)
  5. Give An Example Of A Good Concept Sell On Our Tyre & Alloy Policy. • “Am I valuing your car as it is today or do you have a policy in place that covers it?”, • Matching tyres (1 Budget 3 Continentals) , • Acknowledge damage (Why haven’t you got this repaired?)
  6. How Many Alloy Tyre Repairs Or Replacements Are Covered? 5
  7. How Much Will The Policy Put Towards A Replacement If Alloy Is Not Repairable? £150

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