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Learn your way. Learn Spanish the way that works for you. Simply choose any of the options below.
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There are many techniques that can be used when learning, and we each have our own preferences. Some of us like to hear things, some like to see things. Some want to practice speaking, and some what to just have a set of rules to memorize.

Most other online language learning systems give you only one way. So, a particular website may work great for some people, but fail for others.

Here, we are trying something different: we're putting you in charge. We offer multiple ways of learning, and you can decide which ones you want to use when learning Spanish. You can try them all, or just focus on one.

Below is a description of the different activities offered currently.

Don't see your favorite learning activity here? ! We are still building out this portion of our site.

  • Game - play a game and learn a language at the same time!
  • Quiz - quiz yourself - great for practicing what you've learned, or quizzing and learning at the same time
  • Grammar & Vocabulary - for those who prefer a more technical explanation of how the language works, with vocabulary lists and grammar notes
  • Audio - learn the natural way, by listening to conversations. This is how we most likely picked up our first language as we were growing up. (Sorry, audio is not yet implemented).

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