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World Geography

Questions about the seas, oceans, mountains, and countries of the world.

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Questions Answers
Largest river in South America Amazon
Largest country by population China
Largest city in the U.S. by population New York
Most populous city in the U.S. west of the Mississippi Los Angeles
River that runs through London Thames
Highest mountain range in Europe Alps
Highest mountain in North America McKinley
Ocean between the Americas and Europe Atlantic
Ocean surrounding Hawaii, Fiji, New Zealand, and Tahiti Pacific
Capital of France Paris
Smallest continent Australia
Southernmost continent Antarctica
Large country in South Asia whose capital is New Delhi India
Largest country on the Arabian peninsula Saudi Arabia
Continent containing Algeria, Nigeria, and Zambia Africa
Continent containing Thailand, Afghanistan, and Israel Asia
Largest country in the world by area Russia
Largest country in the Americas by area Canada
Large Portuguese-speaking nation in South America Brazil
Island country that is home to the kiwi bird and Auckland New Zealand

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