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Geographical Discovery Exam Part 2

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Questions Answers
B.C. 450. Himilco. Circa 333. Pytheas. 60-54. Cæsar. Great Britain
B.C. circa 600. Marseilles founded. 57. Cæsar. France
A.D. 1554. Richard Chancellor. Russia
B.C. 332. Alexander. India and Persia
A.D. circa 450. Hanno. 1420. Zarco. 1462. Pedro de Cintra. 1484. Diego Cam. 1486. Bartholomew Diaz. 1497. and many that came after. Africa
A.D. 499. Hoei-Sin. Circa 1000. Lyef. 1497, 1517. John and Sebastian Cabot. 1500. Corte Real. 1513. Ponce de Leon. 1524. Verazzano. 1532. Cortez. 1534. Cartier. 1539. Ulloa. 1542. Cabrillo. 1516. Frobisher. 1586. Davis. 1592. Juan de Fuca. 1608. Champlain North America
A.D. 1498. Columbus. 1499-1501. Amerigo Vespucci. 1499. Pinzon. 1500. Pedro Cabral. 1517. Juan Diaz de Solis. 1519-20. Magellan. 1531. Francisco Pizarro. 1535. D'Almagro. 1536. Gonsalo Pizarro. 1541. Orellana. 1572. Juan Fernandez. 1580. Dutch in Guiana. South America

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