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A Family of Love & God is a friend of Silence

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According to Sister Teresina, it is from whom that the child is supposed to get the first spiritual formation from? The family
The majority of parents that Sister Teresina comes into contact with have lost _________ and therefore have lost any kind of dependence on God Faith
What advice does Sister Teresina offer those who are suffering? “Pray and forgive”
We pray to the holy __________________________which is made up of _______________________________
As God speaks only in _________________ this is a big problem for those searching for God. Silence
It is a hard thing to be prayerful in our society because it feeds us what? So many distractions
Sister Dolores said, “ The absence of God usually accompanies the less-than-perfect things in our world.” On a separate sheet of lined paper complete a Write-up that explains what she meant by this and how you can relate to it. No less than 300 words. Use

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