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Crazy Horse

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Questions Answers
After Crazy Horse was constrained to the Red Cloud Agency, the other chiefs resented Crazy Horse's fame. True
Why did Crook order Crazy Horse's arrest? false rumors of rebellion
Crazy Horse was bayonetted in a struggle during his arrest and died a short time later. What date did he die? September 5, 1877
What name was Crazy Horse given at birth? 'In the Wilderness'
To which of the 'Oceti Sakowin' (Seven Fires of Council) did Crazy Horse belong? Oglala (Dust Scatterers)
Crazy Horse fell in love with a young woman whose uncle was...? Red Cloud
Crazy Horse was an Oglala, (one of the seven bands of the Lakota people), but the Oglala conists of many smaller bands. To which of these did Crazy Horse belong? Hunkpatila - "Heads of Circle

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