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Famous Composers Question-and-Answer

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Famous composer of the classical era born in Salzburg and wrote the Magic Flute Mozart
German composer known for his 5th Symphony and Für Elise Beethoven
This Austrian composer is known for his many waltzes including the Blue Danube Strauss
Born in Brooklyn, this 20th century musician composed the music for Porgy and Bess and wrote Rhapsody in Blue Gershwin
Known for the Ride of the Valkyries and the 'Ring' operas Wagner
J. S. Bach was a well-known composer of this musical era Baroque
Claude _____ was a French impressionist composer known for La Mer (The Sea) Debussy
Composer of the Rite of Spring and the Firebird suite Stravinsky
This Hungarian composer was also known for being a virtuoso pianist Liszt
Czech composer of the 19th century, known for the opera The Bartered Bride and the symphonic work Má vlast (or "The Moldau") Smetana

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