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BA120 Unit 1 Terminology Exam

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Numbers that are combined in the addition process. Addends
Reducing process that is used to simplify the multiplication and division of fractions. Cancellation
To add two or more fractions, denominators must be the same Common Denominator
Number that is 0 or larger and does not contain a decimal or fraction, such as 10. Whole Number
Leftover amount in division. Remainder
The answer of a division problem. Quotient
Fractions with a value less than 1; numerator is smaller than denominator, such as 5/9. Proper Fraction
Number of a common fraction above the division line (bar). Numerator
The first or top number being multiplied in a multiplication problem. Multiplicand
The second or bottom number doing the multiplication in a problem. Multiplier
Expressing a fraction when no number divides evenly into the numerator. Lowest Terms
Smallest nonzero whole number into which all denominators will divide evenly Least common denominator
Fractions that have a value equal to or greater than 1; numerator is equal to or greater than the denominator Improper Fraction
The largest possible number that will divide evenly into both the numerator and denominator. Greatest Common Divisor
Two or more fractions equivalent in value. Equivalent Fraction
Number in the division process that is dividing into another. Example: 15 รท 5, in which 5 is the divisor. Divisor
The resulting answer from a subtraction problem. Difference
Center of the decimal system located between units and tenths. Decimal Point
Numbers written to the right of a decimal point. Decimal
Proper fractions with the same denominators Like Fraction

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