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Safety and Infection Control

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These may be transmitted by five modes Pathogenic agents
Comes into contact with skin, should be single use only tourniquet
Objects that can harbor infectious agents and transmit infection fomites
healthcare associated infections nosocomial
Caution to prevent possibility of BBP, this preventative approach is called universal precautions
These must be placed on fridge, freezer, infectious waste, and so on warning labels
The cornerstone of infection protection for patients and healthcare workers aseptic techniques
Nosocomial infections result when this is complete chain of infection
Microorganism that cause infectious disease pathogen
The patient who has or is carrying the pathogen reservoir
trail the pathogen takes to pass directly from the source to the new host mode of transmission
involves close or intimate contact with infected person direct contact
the best means of preventing infections by direct contact handwashing
may carry infectious agents such as tuberculosis and Legionnaire's disease microscopic airborne droplets
Pathogen leaving the body is called portal of exit
Entrance pathway of pathogen portal of entry
Final link in the chain of infection susceptible host
these programs aim at breaking the infection chain infection control
Used in addition to standard precautions with someone has airborne, droplet, or contact transmission transmission based precautions
precaution to Decrease the risk of infection such as herpes contact precautions
precaution to Decrease the risk of infection such as pertussis droplet precautions
precaution to decrease the risk of infection such as varicella airborne precautions
Another name for protective environment reverse isolation

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