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  1. Why do geographers call Arabia a crossroads location? Because it intersects with Africa, Asia, and Europe
  2. What is a nomad? A person that moves from place to place
  3. Why was trade important to both townspeople and nomads in Arabia? Towns people could get food and other items and the Nomads could trade
  4. Arrange the following events from Muhammad's life in the proper order Muhammad meditated in a cave outside of Mecca, Muhammad receives messages from God through an Angel, Muhammad began to tell people about the messages from God, & Muhammad taught that there was only one God
  5. What was the most important difference between Muhammad's teachings and the beliefs of other Arabs There was only one God
  6. What did the early followers Islam, Judaism, and Christianity all have in common? They all believed in one God
  7. What is the holy book of Islam called? The Quran
  8. Before they heard Muhammad's teachings why did many Arabs visit the Kaaba in Mecca? because there was a very important shrine there
  9. Why did many merchants in Mecca reject the teachings of Muhammad? because they wanted richer and more powerful than the poor.
  10. Why did Muhammad and his followers leave Mecca in 622? Muhammad was threatened
  11. What is a building used for Muslim prayer called? Mosque
  12. What is the central teaching of Islam? That there is only one God Allah and his prophet is Muhammad.
  13. Why was the Kaaba in Mecca an important and sacred place before Muhammad? Why was it an important and sacred place after Muhammad?
  14. Who is the most important islamic prophet? Muhammad
  15. Why is Sha'roaj Islamic Law important to Muslims? sets rewards for good behavior
  16. What are the 5 pillars of Islam? Faith, Prayer, donations, fasting, and pilgrimage. They are important because they are rules on how muslims should live.
  17. After Muhammad's death what was the title given to Islam's highest leaders? Caliph
  18. What areas were conquered by the Muslims during the 600's? Damascus, Jerod's, Islam, Persia, Egypt, Spain, and France
  19. In what was were Cordoba and Baghdad similar? They both traded
  20. What was the practice of tolerance? acceptance
  21. What is cultural diffusion? To spread cultural belief's
  22. What was the result of the exchange of beliefs and customs between the Muslims and the people they conquered? the spread of language and religion
  23. What was the most important difference between the Sunni and the Shia? Shia believed only member of Muhammad's family could become Caliphs and Sunni didn't thing a Caliph had to be related
  24. After the first 4 Caliphs what changed in the Muslim Empire? There became religious differences
  25. What was Muslim calligraphy a combination of? Literature and Art
  26. What was significant about Al Khwarizmi's book about al jar? It laid foundation for modern Algebra
  27. How did Muslims contribute to European Knowledge of Plato, Aristotle, and the classics? they created and used Astrolabes for location and directions
  28. How were Islamic art, architecture and science influenced by religion? Resembled Gods
  29. What was the Sufism movement a reaction to? People focusing on worldly things
  30. How did trade and tolerance lead other cultures influencing Muslim Culture? Drives religion, culture, and language

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