Peanuts Trivia

The cartoon strip by Charles M. Schulz - Charlie Brown, Lucy, Linus, Peppermint Patty, and the rest of the gang

Question or Hint Answer or Word
  1. 1 Grief (wrong answers: 1)
  2. 1 Peppermint (wrong answers: 1)
  3. 1 Snoopy (wrong answers: 1)
  4. 1 Woodstock (wrong answers: 1)
  5. 1 Pigpen (wrong answers: 1)
  6. 1 Daisy Hill (wrong answers: 1)
  7. 1 Beethoven (wrong answers: 1)
  8. ____ is Linus's sister and seems infatuated with Schroeder Lucy (wrong answers: 1)
  9. ____ is the little brother of Linus and his sister Rerun (wrong answers: 1)
  10. Linus is convinced that on Halloween the Great ____ will come to visit Pumpkin (wrong answers: 1)
  11. The doghouse sometimes becomes the Sopwith ____ flown by a World War I flying ace Camel (wrong answers: 1)
  12. Charlie Brown's younger sister, who seems to be infatuated with Linus Sally (wrong answers: 1)
  13. What game does Charlie Brown like to play but can't do very well? football (wrong answers: 1)
  14. Who does Snoopy fight in his airplane? the Red Baron (wrong answers: 1)

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