Holy Orders & Matrimony

Question or Hint Answer or Word
  1. What is the sign of the sacrament of Holy Orders? Laying on hands by the Bishop. (wrong answers: Anonting with oil and holy water., Taking vows after graduation from seminary.)
  2. The three Grades of Holy Orders are: Bishop, Priest, Deacon (wrong answers: Bishop, Priest, Cardinal., Vicar, Cardinal, Archbishop)
  3. The two kinds of Deacons are: Transitional and Permanent (wrong answers: Parish and Community , Diocese and Parish)
  4. Who can be ordained? Only a baptized adult male. (wrong answers: Only an unmarried Deacon., Only a student preparing for ordination to the priesthood.)
  5. Who established marriage? God (wrong answers: The Catholic Church, Religious groups, The Romans)
  6. What is the purpose of Matrimony? For the good of the couple and to have babies. (wrong answers: For financial and health care purposes., To spend more time with the person you love.)
  7. What did Jesus teach about the sacrament of Marriage? Marriage is to last a life time and is between one man and one woman. (wrong answers: That any type of loving union is considered a marriage., That everyone is called to be married.)

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