Modern Family Trivia

Created by bch4224


Question or Hint Answer or Word
  1. What musical does Phil know all the dance moves to? High School Musical (wrong answers: 1)
  2. What sport does Jay think Joe has a natural talent for? Golf (wrong answers: 1)
  3. Who performs with Phil at Jay & Gloria's wedding anniversary? Gloria (wrong answers: 1)
  4. What do Luke & Phil want to build in the backyard in season 9? Batting cage (wrong answers: 1)
  5. What is the color of Cam & Mitchell's redecorated kitchen? Blue (wrong answers: 1)
  6. What color does Manny dye his hair in season 9? Blonde (wrong answers: 1)
  7. Where does Alex go to college? Caltech (wrong answers: 1)

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