Cell Structure and Function

Question or Hint Answer or Word
  1. Solution has more particles and less water causing water to flow out of cell and cell to shrink. Hypertonic
  2. Solution has less particles and more water causing water to flow into cell and cell to swell or lead to lysis. Hypotonic
  3. There is a balance in particles and water molecules within solution and cell. Isotonic
  4. A process resulting from osmosis in which cells, in a hypertonic solution, shrink and acquire a scalloped surface. Crenation
  5. A particle or substance that is dissolved within another substance. Lysis
  6. PARTICLES moving from an area of HIGHER concentration TO LESSER concentration. Diffusion
  7. WATER moving from an area of HIGHER concentration of water TO LOWER concentration of water. Osmosis
  8. When proteins cross cell membrane going AGAINST GRADIENT (going from low to high); requires energy to complete this transport - uses ATP . Active Transport
  9. When a membrane allows some molecules to pass through but not others; depends on charge, size and lipid soluability. Selective Permeability

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