Sunday School Test 2018-Class 3

Question or Hint Answer or Word
  1. In Verse 1, Why did Jesus tell the disciples "I have told you these things?" So that they won’t abandon their faith (wrong answers: So that they won’t abandon his calling, So that they could get a heads up, So they would not lose love for him)
  2. Verses 5-7, Jesus states that he needs to go away in order for someone to come. Who is he referring to? Advocate/Holy Spirit (wrong answers: John the Baptist, Barrabas, Paul)
  3. Verse 8, The world will be convicted of 3 things. What are they? Sin, Gods Righteousness and of the Coming judgement (wrong answers: Sin, Works and Faith, Purpose, gifts and commitment, Money, Looks and followers)
  4. Verse 16- Finish the line “In a little while you won’t see me anymore. But a little while after that.....? "You will see me again" (wrong answers: "You will be set free", "I will rise up", "You will be blessed")
  5. Verse 17- How did the disciples react to what Jesus said in Verse 16? Confused (wrong answers: Relieved, Angry, Happy)
  6. Jesus says to the disciples that they will grieve when he leaves but their grief will turn into .................? (2 marks) Wonderful Joy
  7. What does Jesus compare this grief to in Verse 21? and what was his example? (2 Marks) woman suffering the pains of labor. Bringing in a new baby takes the anguish away

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