World History Final

Question or Hint Answer or Word
  1. What did Vesalius revolutionize? Medical Practice (dissection & stitches) (wrong answers: Conquered Lands, All of the above, Renaissance, Plato)
  2. Who was Aristotle? Plato's famous pupil (wrong answers: He was related to the emperor, He was a dictator, Both A & B)
  3. Who was Socrates Philosopher who had passion for knowledge (wrong answers: He was an evil person, He was a musician, all of the above)
  4. Aristotle's beliefs were Knowlwdge comes from experience and experimentation (wrong answers: Rebirth, Plato, He did not have any beliefs)
  5. What was Socretes beliefs how should one live; condition of the sou (wrong answers: he believed in Christianity, he was a muslim, None of the above, Both of the above)
  6. Where did the renaissance take place? Florence, Italy (wrong answers: France , Germany, Africa, All of the above)
  7. Renaissance Historical time period is 1330-1550 (wrong answers: 1310-1320, 1300-1290, None of the above)

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