Essential Telephone Skills Inventory

Question or Hint Answer or Word
  1. All it takes to answer the effectively is a cheerful attitude; if you are upbeat, you do not need any special skills: TRUE or FALSE FALSE
  2. What important information should you state when answering the phone? ALL OF THE ABOVE (wrong answers: Your Name, Good Morning/Afternoon/Evening, "Social Security")
  3. The #1 complaint of people making telephone calls is? BEING PUT ON HOLD (wrong answers: Being put on hold, You're talking too fast, The phone rings too many times)
  4. A caller who wanders off within a conversation should be allowed to wander: TRUE or FALSE FALSE
  5. If you are eating lunch when you answer the telephone... STOP EATING/DRINKING WHILE ON THE PHONE (wrong answers: Chew quietly while you talk to the caller, Chew normally, but don't slurp any liquids, Stop eating/drinking while on the phone.)
  6. The proper way to transfer a call is to hit the transfer button and hang up: TRUE or FALSE FALSE
  7. Phrases like, "I see" or "Okay"... are good ways to let the caller know you are paying attention (wrong answers: should rarely be used, because they add little value to the call, are good ways to let the caller know you are paying attention, are risky because the caller is likely to consider them rude interruptions)

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