Bible Knowledge

Question or Hint Answer or Word
  1. Jonah Was Swallowed by a whale (wrong answers: Created Pizza, Built an ark, Crossed the Red Sea, Taught School)
  2. Noah Built an ark (wrong answers: Ran a store, Killed a giant, Ate apples and bananas, Wrote the Psalms)
  3. Daniel Was thrown into a lions den (wrong answers: Wore a coat of many colors, Loved hotdogs with relish, Got fleas from his cats, Went to Ninevah to preach)
  4. Zacchaeus All of these answers are correct (wrong answers: Was a very short man, Climbed a tree to see Jesus, Was a tax collector, Ate with Jesus)
  5. John the Baptist Was the cousin of Jesus (wrong answers: Was born in a stable, Was a great king, Loved racing his bike on dirt, Lived in a big house)
  6. Moses All of these answers are correct (wrong answers: None of these answers are correct, Received the 10 commandments from God, Saw a burning bush, Grew up in a king's palace)
  7. Adam and Eve Were the first people (wrong answers: Were married last year, Were Jesus parents, Ran a taco stand, Helped in the temple)

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