Science Electromagnetic Spectrum

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  1. Which of theses is NOT on the Electromagnetic Spectrum Sound Waves (wrong answers: Gamma rays, Ultraviolet, X-rays, Microwaves)
  2. What is the highest and lowest frequency of light that we can see? 750 trillion hertz and 430 trillion hertz
  3. How do microwaves heat food? The waves penetrate the food and make the water molecules vibrate which makes them heat up. The faster they vibrate the hotter it gets.
  4. Apart from damaging your eyes, what is the other main danger of Infrared Radiation? Skin burns
  5. Who discovered Infrared Radiation? William Herschel
  6. Are higher frequencies or lower frequencies more dangerous? Higher frequencies
  7. How do X-rays take pictures of bones? The x-rays are absorbed by the bones but not by the other body parts, allowing them to pass through and see the bones.

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