Flower parts and Their Functions

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  1. David and Prynce wondered why the stigma was sticky. David believed it was like that to are attract insects to the flower. However, Prynce believed that it was sticky to help reproduce plant offspring. Explain how both of there idea about the stigma are c They are both right because the sticky substance found on the stigma is nectar that attracts the insects caring the pollen on their bodies that will stick to the nectar on the stigma. The pollen stuck to the stigma travel down the style into the ovary to
  2. Inside the ovule, you will find plant eggs or reproductive cells (wrong answers: stems, pollen, sap, a butterfly)
  3. Petals are usually __________than sepals. wider,lighter colored, and softer (wrong answers: narrower, lighter colored, and softer, wider, darker colored, and softer, longer, thinner, and lighter, none or correct)
  4. What parts of the flower are female parts and what are their function? The female parts are the ovary and ovule. The ovary protects and house the ovule. The ovule are the plant eggs or reproductive cells that produce new flowers.
  5. What is the male part of the flower? both filament and anther (wrong answers: petal, filament, anther, sepal)
  6. Explain the function of the sepal. The function of the sepal is to cover and protect the insides parts of a flower.

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