Grade 4 Islamic Studies

Question or Hint Answer or Word
  1. The opposite of Tawheed is __________________________. It means to believe in or worship anything or anyone besides Allah which is the greatest sin in Islam. Adalah Shirk Nabuwah Imamah
  2. Imam Hussain refused to accept Yazid as the ruler in order to preserve _______________ for future generations. kindness justice Islam bravery
  3. The thing that tells us that Allah exists and is in all people, in all places, at all times is: Fitaar Fitrus Faraan Fitrah
  4. ____________________________ or hidden shirk is when a person worships Allah on the outside but in his or her heart, they love other things more than Allah and rely on others more than Allah. Shirk-e-Khafiyy Shirk-e-Khaleej Shirk-e-Maneej Shirk-e-Masah
  5. One of the characteristics of the day of Ghadeer is that the religion of Islam was __________________ on this day. started completed ended fulfilled
  6. The name of our 12th Imam is Imam al-__________________ and he was born on the _________ of Shaban. Mohsin, 12 Taqi, 11 Mahdi, 15 Ali, 13
  7. The expert of Islamic laws is called ___________________ and when we do his taqleed, we are called __________________. Muqallid, Mujtahid Mujtahid, Muqallid, Islamic expert, copycat

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