Chemical Changes - Unit E Ch. 2 Lesson 2

Question or Hint Answer or Word
  1. A sign that will let you know if a chemical change has occurred. color (wrong answers: properties, wood, bending)
  2. The ability to burn is called... combustibility (wrong answers: mass, texture, stability)
  3. List 3 objects that are high combustible. wood, charcoal and paper (wrong answers: water,sound and smell, steel, gold and iron, mass, volume and matter)
  4. Chemical changes in burning produces.... energy (wrong answers: air, water, volume)
  5. Chemical reactions that absorb energy from surroundings is known as? endothermic reaction (wrong answers: ductility, malleability, density)
  6. What type of reaction is an exothermic reaction in which a substance combines with oxygen? combustion reaction (wrong answers: chemical reaction, physical reaction, stability)
  7. Give an example of a combustion reaction. fire (wrong answers: floating, raining, lightning)

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