Roman Forum Race Questions

Question or Hint Answer or Word
  1. What was the Roman Forum used for? a, Business b, Gladiator Fights c, prison
  2. When was the Roman Fourm built? a, 206BC b, 202BC c, 203BC
  3. Who Built the Roman Forum? a,Constantine b, Vitruvius c, Augustus
  4. What two hills was the Roman Forum between? a, Palatine&Capitoline b, Aventine&Capitoline c, Aventine&Palatine
  5. What was the Roman Forum used in the Middle Ages? a, Army camp b, city c, cattle Pasture
  6. What Arch was used as a Barber shop when the Roman Forum was flooded? a, Bakery b, Barber shop c, food stand
  7. When was the Temple of Saturn enlarged? a, 52BC b, 33BC c, 42BC

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