How Well I know Dawnzee

Question or Hint Answer or Word
  1. Do I own a gun? nope...not yet tho...:)
  2. Have I ever went hunting? ( or shot any animal) Yes- a chipmunk right under his chin-1 clean shot..
  3. Whats my favorite desert?(s) Pudding & Cupcakes (wrong answers: Pudding & Cupcakes, Pudding & Peanut Butter, Honey buns, Rice Crispy treats)
  4. How many times have I been engaged? 2 (wrong answers: 1, 3, 5, never)
  5. Where do I want to get married and what month? June- on a beach (wrong answers: Halloween-at a costume party, August- at Niagara Falls, May-on a beach, New Years Eve- NYC)
  6. Do I like Football if so what team? NO! not anymore- New England when I did (wrong answers: NO! Buffalo Bills of course, YES! The Bills, NO! Cant stand all of them, YES! Love Brett Farr)
  7. When do I prefer to have sex? Pretty much anytime of the day/night Im ur litl slut (wrong answers: Morning is the best!!, Only at night- when were in bed for the night, Anytime as long as the lights are off and its dark)

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