Japanese - Lesson 2 - Dialog for Easy Vocabulary Words

Created by pandali

Simple phrases from a dialog to practice the easy vocabulary words from the previous lesson.

Question or Hint Answer or Word
  1. There is a cat on the table. Tēburu no ue ni neko ga arimasu.
  2. Indeed. Sō desu ne.
  3. Because there is a dog under the desk. Tsukue no shita ni inu ga arimasu kara.
  4. I'm going to the hotel now. Ima hoteru ni ikimasu.
  5. That's a nice cat and a nice dog. Sore wa ī neko to ī inu desu.
  6. Hello, Mr. Nakada! Nakada-san, kon nichi wa!
  7. Goodbye. Sayōnara.
  8. Please. Dōzo.
  9. Thanks. Dōmo.

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